A Robust and Proprietary Work-Order Management System

Powered by Advanced’s OneCall technology platform, OnDemand FM is an efficient and cost effective work-order management system that provides centralized portfolio management and real-time visibility into all your facility maintenance programs

Efficient and Cost-Effective Facilities Maintenance

  • Dispatch and monitor on demand service requests

  • Develop and manage routine maintenance programs

  • Select preferred vendors of your choice

  • Review and approve automated invoices

  • Track vendor insurance and compliance

  • Access automated and customized reports

How OnDemand FM Benefits Your Facility Maintenance Team

Increase visibility into the status of your portfolio

Track all your work orders and monitor KPI’s

Manage all your vendor contracts and compliance documents

Streamline your work order management and reduce your need for staffing

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OnDemand FM is a premiere work order management platform that can fulfill all your facility maintenance needs. Questions? Contact our specialists now!

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